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Castle Heritage Blog focuses on castles in Germany

Burg Eltz: Eine der schönsten mittelalterlichen Burgen Deutschlands
Burg Eltz: A beautiful medieval german castle, still inhabited by the same familiy since 33 generations: One of my favorite castles
The Castle Heritage Blog (Burgerbe-Blog) is a Blog in german concentrating on castles, stately homes, chateaux, historic places, ruines and World-War-II-Bunkers mainly in Germany and neighbouring countries.

Experts estimate the number of castles and former but still visible fortifications in Germany to around 18.000 – 22.000. Lots of pieces of ancient masonry standing around in the landscape.

Here is a list of all historical buildings mentioned in the Blog.

It started all with the fall of the roman empire. In the dark ages plundering hordes devastated the land on a regular basis. The military of the hundreds of local warlords turned out to be to weak, far away or to slow to intercept fast horsemen of hungarian origin (not to speak about horrible enemies like the vikings, whose drakens sailed quite freuquently on the german rivers).

Castle Heritage Blog focuses on castles in Germany weiterlesen

Dear visitors looking for castles in Germany…

30130.jpgMy tracking tool reveals a huge interest in USA and the UK concerning castles and chateaus in Germany, France, etc. I see clicks from California, Missouri, N.Y.: These visitore are responsible for 4 % of my traffic 😉

Thank You very much! And You’re heartly invited to post a comment!

But maybe You can do me another favour: I’m searching informations about european castles, which have been purchased by Americans, transferred to the USA and re-build there. If anyone remembers such an „imported castle“, please tell me.

I found a lot of fantasy-chateaus, build by real and wannabee-millionairs in the net – 300 „Castles of the United States“ are shown at for example – but I’m still searching for the „real“ euro-american castle.

92638-large.jpgThere is a british film from 1935 „The Ghost goes West“, in german „Ein Gespenst geht nach Amerika“ with Robert Donat – a romantic comedy which describes such a transport of a (scottish) castle. With a ghost, of course, travelling as a blind passanger. It was a great success in Britain.

I’m sure, there is a real core in the story…

Any Ideas?

Feel free to comment!
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